New Monitoring Suite: Total overview of your workflow.
Posted by Roger Beck (Import) on 24 August 2011 12:28 PM

Today Bright releases a new Monitoring Suite for BrightDrive - and hereby complements the 
set of graphical user interfaces for BrightDrive G2 and G2 Pro.

The new GUI allows active monitoring of essential BrightDrive server functions as well as monitoring the activity of external systems across the workflow.

Highlights Overview

  • Compact “quick view” of current workspace utilization and license subscription
  • Current status of essential services (FS manager, metadata RAIDs, local partitions etc.)
  • Detailed graphed overview of:
    • network throughput
    • workspace utilization
    • local partitions
    • system and server load and memory
  • Fibre Channel fabric monitoring (graphical)
  • Alert reporting via email
  • Identify potential system failure with trend graphs for every service.
  • Advanced report history of all services for 1 day,
    1 week and up to 1 year!

  • Bright's TSG will start the roll-out for the Monitoring Suite today and for customers with a valid support contract it's free. To schedule the installation contact our TSG under 1-877-399-9002 (US and Can) or 1-775-823-9002 (international) or nunder We're looking forward to update your BrightDrive G2/G2 Pro with the Monitoring Suite.

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    25 December 2011 10:03 PM
    That inigsht solves the problem. Thanks!
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